Aims, ambitions, hopes and aspirations:

  • burrExcellence in post graduate education.
  • To improve and facilitate peer support learning.
  • Integrative learning.
  • To remain abreast of all fertility research, both Chinese and Western.
  • To enhance and develop research in Chinese medicine for fertility.
  • To increase public awareness about the value of acupuncture for fertility.
  • To provide a directory of well qualified practitioners to the general public.
  • To enhance guidelines for safe practice using acupuncture and herbs for assisted conception.
  • Ensuring our patients can receive the right treatment on the right day of their cycle, through our capacity for member inter-referral.
  • To promote acupuncture to the general public via our web presence, through social media and through our education programme.

As an alliance, the purpose of AFN is to help each other and to support each other through study and exchange, to benefit the other members with

  • shared clinical experience and shared advise about aspects of practice through our members forum
  • exchange of articles and studies relating to fertility and gynaecology
  • exchange of material and ideas to support our clients
  • contacts and connections that promote the integrated use of acupuncture
  • shared success stories in respect of service provision within mainstream health units

Another key purpose of AFN is to develop a recognisable profile with the public that helps to promote the use of traditional acupuncture in the support of fertility and gynaecology.

One of our key messages is Safe Practice, and our aim is that our logo represents well educated, integrated, professionally qualified practitioners for gynaecology and fertility support.

AFN has no affiliation with any particular individuals, colleges, clinics or schools of thought of acupuncture.