Joining the AFN involves first sending us copies/scans of your relevant qualifications. The process is outlined in detail on our Apply to Join page.

photoAnnual member subscriptions cost £95.00 for the first year, and £65.00 for subsequent years (annual renewals are due on September 1st). The fee for the first year is pro-rated depending on when in the year you join, as follows:

  • Aug-Nov : £95 (until Sept 1st of the following year)
  • Dec-Feb: £75
  • Mar-May: £55
  • Jun-July: £40

Once everything has been received by our membership secretary and your application has been approved, we will activate your membership.

The Value for YOU

- Your Profile:

The AFN site doubles up as a members site plus it also operates as a DIRECTORY for the general public.

Your profile gives you:

  • a scroll down biography - as long as you want!
  • photograph and logo
  • up to three searchable practice addresses
  • google mapping of your practice locations
  • your contact details INCLUDING your website

You can also use the AFN logo in your publicity, to promote your practice. Once your membership is active, this can be downloaded from the members' area.

- On-going CPD

You've done the baseline postgraduate qualification course to be a member. The AFN wants to support you to develop your gynaecology and fertility practice.

AFN will endeavour to provide on-going CPD taught by both TCM and Western practitioners keeping you up to date with all the latest developments in fertility treatment, both Chinese and Western.

Members ideas for future courses are always welcome.

- Social Network

You can benefit from our social integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Our aim is to develop strong links between each other and the wider fertility community. This will give members exceptional opportunities to share blogs and posts.

- Forum

We have a dedicated members-only forum here on our website, for fellow practitioners to discuss their practice and more.

- Research

AFN endeavours to collate all the most recent and relevant research in respect of fertility and gynaecology, with an emphasis on TCM but with an ambition to keep us all informed of the latest Western fertility research.

AFN is represented on the new European Fertility TCM Research Committee. There is Europe-wide research database in development, which AFN will be party to.

How your AFN funds will work for you?

- Ongoing website presence

- Stallholder presence at the annual Fertility Show in London and trade fairs for chinese medicine, western medicine and the general public.

- Social media campaign for the general public.